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Welcome! Our names are Richard and Kristin Faiva. We are the parents of two beautiful 3-year-old twins, Danica and Kaimen Faiva. Our son, Kaimen Tamatoa Faiva, was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, a condition that prevents him from being able to sit up, crawl, or walk. We have searched for and tried different therapy treatments for Kaimen and would like to take Kaimen to participate in an intense and productive 3-week physical therapy program designed by the Now I Can Foundation in Utah. We are asking for donations from our friends and family to help us get Kaimen to Utah so that we can get him the treatment he needs. Please visit the different pages on this site to learn more about Kaimen, the Now I Can Foundation, and how you can help us help our little boy. God Bless and thank you all for your continued support and prayers.